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Stories of Manifestation - I

the power of manifestation

About two years ago I put for myself a goal to start meditating daily. Even if only for 5 minutes every day, it had to be daily. But, as anxious as I have always been, sitting for a number of minutes every day just to calm the mind seemed an unattainable task. So, to make my meditation sessions more interesting (and bearable), I started doing visualization exercises during those sessions. I figured that, since I had to be there for a few minutes no matter what, I might as well work my mind and beliefs toward my goals.

So, each day I would sit to meditate with a guided meditation that helped me visualize how I wanted my life to be, say, in 1, 2 and 5 years. I would think of it in details: how I would be looking like, how I would be feeling, what I would be doing work-wise, where I would live, etc. I would picture my house then, both its interior and the outside view. I would also picture other people (family members and friends) with their moods and appearances. I would picture my financial situation and my love life. I’d leave nothing out and I would really go into details. Since I already believed and knew that our beliefs and mindset drive our behavior and create our life, I wanted to make sure that mine were aligned with my true goals.

That is how three weeks ago I changed my car. Since I started doing my visualization work, one of the things I visualized was the car I was going to have in my projected reality: it was black, big (bigger than I would ever need), high, beautiful. I know nothing of makes and models, so that never came into my visualization. I just thought of it the way I wanted it to look. I also didn’t picture how much the car would cost or which year it would be. I just pictured the car I wanted. I would see myself arriving at my driveway driving it, and I would see myself stepping out of it, coming inside my house through the side door, walking around my house. I would picture the time of the day (it was night), the weather (it was warm, probably summer), who was in the house (everyone was out). I would grab a glass, pour myself some wine, sit by my pool that was illuminated inside and which light would reflect the water in the walls of the living room. Detailed, right?

Well, I might add that the pool is also built in my backyard exactly as I have been envisioning for 2 years.

You may say, “oh, but that is easy: you want something in a way, you go and build it/buy it”. But as you probably know, it is not that easy. You have to have money to get things done, and some of them are quite expensive. The process of going from nothing to having things the way you envision them, and have the money to afford them, that I assign to the work of visualization and to the change in my deepest-rooted beliefs. I believe 100% that this is where the secret lies. Come and work with me: we can get you there as well.

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