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The Science of Frequencies and the Unification Theory

Wow! What an interesting couple of weeks I had. In my obsession to read books and get educated on new things, I found out about two people that I hadn't heard before, and I learned a good amount of interesting things with them. Both of them discussed ideas that align with beliefs I already hold, even though I couldn't explain them entirely without resorting to religion (and I am not religious, so my explaining of them was always partially incomplete). Well, now I feel closer to that. Let me tell you about it.

One of my "discoveries", Linda West, discusses the science of frequencies. Even though I have trouble wrapping my mind around her claim that the book was dictated to her by her angel, everything else she says made A LOT of sense to me. She says that the Universe is made of frequencies, and that we are able to create in our lives whatever we truly want - with our mind, heart and soul - if we can "vibrate" at the right level (if you are reading this, please excuse my poor translation of your content, Linda West @morningmayan). She says that it is all about love (I have had a personal experience on that front where I "heard" the same thing), and she gives some pretty reasonable explanation on why things work they way they do. Therefore, regardless of my thoughts on the "angel" part of the experience, this is a reading I recommend. If you are willing to give it a try, put her personal beliefs aside and focus on the content of the book. Be open-minded and not judgmental. Plus, it may be right, angels may exist, and those who question that (like me) may be the ones ignorant to it. Who knows? If you have the time and interest, here is a link to the audible version of her book, "The Frequency: Fulfill all your wishes by manifesting with vibrations". Give it a try!

Another recent discovery of mine that got me really excited was Mr. Nassim Haramein. Not sure if you have heard of him before, but he is a Swiss physicist and director of research for Resonance Science Foundation who is the author of the Unification Theory, that basically claims that everything in the universe is one. He discusses his theory of the structure of the vacuum and the geometry of the vacuum (a tetrahedron), going through the pyramids, the tree of life of Kaballah, among other things, which you can learn more about on his 2011 documentary "The Black Whole". The main idea of everything I watched on him is that there is actually a basic rule that governs the Universe, and that the Universe's "magic" can be explained beyond saying "God exists". What his explanations told me is that maybe the Universe can be comprehended if we look at it from another perspective, and maybe mathematics and physics can help explain things. He discusses how, at a very molecular level, we and the rest of Universe are all made of the same matter. If you want to check some of his work you can visit The Resonance Science Foundation.

Again, these are things I already believed, but never had an explanation to them that could go beyond simply saying "God exists". Because I am an atheist, that was not enough to me. I always thought there had to be more to it, only that we hadn't found out yet. Well, now I feel closer to what I was looking for. I found it all pretty mind blowing. As with everything, if you google him you will find plenty of websites online claiming that he is a fraud and that he has no clue of what he is talking about, which may as well be true. I am not a scientist who is able to verify his claims, but that is not my goal either. I am just saying that what he describes makes sense to me in light of my personal beliefs, and I thought you could be interested in checking it out.

At the end of the day, we are all trying to make sense of things in life. If you are like me, you keep your mind open to new ideas and information, and you investigate further those that resonate with you. This is what happened to me with Ms Linda West and Mr Nassim Haramein. I am not here to say that what they are saying is true or scientific. I am here to say that what they say resonates with me and with the beliefs I already held previously to learning about them. Why don't you check their work out and leave here your comments on what you think of them? ;-)

Good week and good reading!

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